Opportunity costs of
nuclear-weapons programs

In the next 10 years, $1 trillion USD will be invested globally into development and maintanance of nuclear-weapons programs.

This money could instead cover all the following:

280 billion

Feeding all 780 million malnourished people in the world for 10 years

200 billion

Building 2–100 million houses

100 billion

Building 400–400,000 hospitals or clinics

100 billion

Yearly salaries for 2–10 million teachers

80 billion

Preventive health care for all Africans reducing infant and maternal mortality by 80%

55 billion

UN budget for 10 years

30 billion

3 million home solar panel systems

30 billion

1 million wind turbines

25 billion

1 million electric cars

25 billion

Tuition for 200,000 students for 5 years each at top USA universities

20 billion

10 years of ART drugs for all 28 million HIV infected people in Africa

14 billion

Rebuilding Haiti after the earthquake

10 billion

67 million clean biomass stoves saving 4 million lives per year

8 billion

Planting and growing 20 billion trees in Africa

8 billion

Eliminating malaria in 10 years saving half million lives per year

5 billion

1 million fresh water wells in Africa

Note: The numbers range as costs vary a lot between developed and developing countries.