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Move the Nuclear Weapons Money

Count the Nuclear Weapons Money

Join mayors, parliamentarians, artists, sportspeople, religious leaders, musicians, peace and social justice activists, youth and others in New York in 2019 to Count the Nuclear Weapons Money.

Over seven days and nights we will count out $1 trillion (in one million notes each of $1million value) – which is the nuclear weapons budget for the next 10 years. While counting, we will highlight what this money could instead cover.

The main counting of the nuclear weapons money will take place from October 24-30, 2019 in various locations in Manhattan, New York. Shorter ‘satellite’ countings will be held in a number of other countries.

Click here for further information and to join the counting.

Help cut nuclear weapons budgets


  • Encourage your parliaments to adopt parliamentary resolutions similar to the Bangladesh parliament resolution calling on a reduction in nuclear weapons spending to help fund the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Call on the Security Council to hold a special session on implementation of Article 26 of the UN Charter, which obliges the Council to adopt a disarmament plan in order to release resources for economic and social need.
  • Invite your religious leader, mayor and/or parliamentarian to endorse ‘A Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Our Common Good’ which calls on governments to reallocate the $100 billion annual nuclear weapons budget to instead help reverse climate change, eliminate poverty and address other social and economic needs;
  • Take action during the Global Days of Action on Military Spending to highlight nuclear weapons budgets and promote the Move the Nuclear Weapons Money campaign.

United Kingdom

United States

  • Call on your legislator to support the Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditure (SANE) Act, introduced into the U.S. Senate by Senator Ed Markey and into the Senate and into the U.S. House of Reps by Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

All nuclear-armed States

  • Call on your government to reduce their nuclear-weapons budgets and reallocate these funds to economic, environmental and social need.

Nuclear weapons divestment

Nuclear weapons corporations, i.e. those manufacturing nuclear weapons or their delivery vehicles), have vested financial interests in the nuclear arms race. They are powerful lobbyists for increased nuclear weapons budgets.

We can reverse their power by ensuring that our countries, states, cities, banks, universities and other institutions end any investments they might have in these corporations.


For more background and information
see Nuclear Divestment.


Call on your federal government, state government and/or city to divest public funds from nuclear weapons corporations. Check our legislation section for examples of such policies already adopted by some governments, states and cities. Check our corporations section for a list of the major public companies that manufacture such weapons.


Call on your bank to end investments in nuclear weapons corporations if they have not already done so. Check Don’t Bank on the Bomb for a list of such banks.

Churches, universities and other institutions

Call on your church, university, private pension fund or other institutions that hold shares in public companies to ensure that they are not investing in nuclear weapons corporations.

TIP: Divest also from fossil fuels

Climate change poses the other main existential threat to humanity. If you are calling on you government, city, university, religious institution or bank to stop investing in nuclear weapons, you could also call on them to stop investing in fossil fuels. For more information see Go Fossil Free divestment campaign

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