UNFOLD ZERO, an international coalition promoting United Nations initiatives for nuclear disarmament, is circulating Protect People and the Planet: An Appeal for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World, and seeking endorsements prior to it being presented to the United Nations during Disarmament Week (October 24-30, 2021).

The appeal calls on cities, parliaments and governments to adopt immediate measures to prevent a nuclear war such as the adoption of no-first-use policies, commit to achieving the global elimination of nuclear weapons no later than the 100th anniversary of the UN (2045), and to re-direct nuclear weapons budgets and investments to instead support public health, COVID-19 recovery, the climate and sustainable development.

Since being launched on the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, September 26, 2020, the appeal has gathered endorsements from legislators (mayors and parliamentarians), scientists, religious leaders, former military leaders, civil society leaders, youth and others around the world.

The presentation of the appeal to the United Nations will help build support for UN General Assembly resolutions on nuclear disarmament which are being considered for adoption during Disarmament Week.

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Quotes from some of the appeal endorsers

How can the powerful nuclear club of nations waste money on their nuclear stockpiles when they cannot even provide something as basic as ventilators during Covid to their citizens? The new normal must be built on the basis of complete abolition of nuclear weapons. Only then can we truly build back better!
Kehkashan Basu (UAE/Canada), Founder/President, Green Hope Foundation. Winner of the Voices Youth Gorbachev-Shultz Legacy Award for Nuclear Disarmament

Appeals mattered for the abolition of slavery and gender and generation equality. So will this appeal for the abolition of nuclear weapons.
Johan Galtung (Norway). Transcend International. For Peace By Peaceful Means. Right Livelihood Laureate 1987.

This Appeal is to be constantly renewed until the 14 States with nuclear weapons on their territory initiate this transition towards the complete and final elimination of nuclear weapons: France, Great Britain, USA, Russia, China, India , Pakistan, Israel, North Korea and NATO countries Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey.
General (ret) Francis Lenne (France). Member of Initiatives pour le Désarmement Nucléaire, Mouvement de la Paix and ICAN.

Listen our Global Appeal to end the nuclear threat, abolish nuclear weapons and shift the weapons budgets and investments to support public health, COVID-19 recovery, the climate and sustainable development. It is time to promote a common civilizing project that despises the use of force and inhuman weapons. Get on the right side of history.
Laura Alonso Cano (Spain). President, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).

This Appeal is crucial, especially in our divided and polarized world.
Elizabeth Shafer (USA). Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy

It is rational to reach the total elimination of all nuclear weapons globally by 2045.
Dr. Vladimir Kozin (Russia). Russian Academy of Military Sciences

To preserve our future, the world has no other way but disarmament and abolishment of all the nuclear stockpiles!!
Sergy Kasyanov (Ukraine). Director, Harvard Aerospace Alumni Organization

We should all do our utmost in abolishing nuclear weapons as citizens of the world and leave a brighter future for the coming generations.
Jasminka Bajlo (Croatia). City representative of Mayors for Peace

Although national security is widely perceived to depend on military strength, more weapons do not provide more security. Peace within and among nations depends in part on replacing ignorance and unjustified fears with mutual understanding and trust.
Representative Jasmine Krotkov (USA). Member of the Montana State Legislature

Today we face two great existential threat the threat of catastrophic climate change and the horror of a potential nuclear-war – We need a vision and a renew commitment to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons.
Bianca Jagger (UK). Founder, President and Chief Executive, The Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation.

At a time the world faces multiple upheavals including from the COVID-19 pandemic, weapons of mass destruction are totally abhorrent. Nuclear weapons are wasteful and having them should be seen as a criminal intent to wreak harms against humanity and the Planet. This is a time to build resilience, restore habitats and build harmonious relationships between nations and with Nature. Not a time to destroy!
Nnimmo Bassey (Nigeria). Founder, Health of Mother Earth Foundation. Former Chair, Friends of the Earth International. Time Magazine Hero of the Environment 2009.

It’s time to end the terrible waste of money and resources spent on creating and maintaining nuclear weapons and redirect to where it’s needed most, to the health and welfare of people and the planet.
Misha Coleman (Australia). Mayor of Yarra City

As the use of nuclear weapons would be a crime against humanity and a violation of the principles and rules of international humanitarian law, any preparation for nuclear warfare constitutes a crime against the peace.
Meindert Stelling (Netherlands). President of the Dutch Foundation ‘Tribunal for Peace’.

Nuclear weapons are an existential threat to our survival as a species. Weapons don’t house us, don’t clothe us, don’t feed us, and don’t cure our diseases. We need to demand a transformation of priorities away from building bombs, and toward educating, feeding, housing, and healing our people.
Kelsey Zazanis (USA). CODEPINK: Women for Peace

When the power of love will be greater than the power of killing and weapons, the world will be a paradise.
Divina Maloum (Cameroon). Founder, Children for Peace. Winner 2019 International Children’s Peace Prize.

Our biggest threat is not Russia, China or USA but climate change, which places us all under the same risk. Stop investing in war, start investing in peace and prevention and especially in climate mitigation. Start fighting our common problem.
Dr Piet Jansen (Netherlands). NVMP/Artsen voor vrede – International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

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